Kulture Shop: Our Playground's Evolution

Kulture Shop: Our Playground's Evolution

From sawdust and dreams to a sunny studio housing one of Mumbai’s top destination stores - this is where we work, play, experiment, and exchange ideas with other like-minded people who pop in to see us. Three years ago this month, our doors opened to the public. We take a look back with nostalgia and share with you the evolution of our shop in Bandra, Mumbai.



Work in Progress: The K Shelf and T Table (June 2013)

We started with an empty white box in 2013, broke down some walls to reveal big windows in this former gallery space, slowly and steadily we filled it with vivid character and personality. We designed, created and built our own Kulture Shop furniture and finishings with our clever carpenter who still works with us today.

Our design geekery flows into the construction of everything we make. The Red T Table with foldable flaps was designed with paper sizes in mind. Forming at T with both flaps up, the table top can display an A1 art print. With one flap down, it can display an A2. With two flaps down, you guessed it, an A3. The Red T Table now sits in the centre of our main display area making it known to all that Red is our store brand accent colour. Today this table displays a well-curated selection of fun toys, magazines and badges from some of the most progressive artists and designers in India.


The K Shelf and T Table in A2 Mode (August 2013)

On its left is the tangram-inspired K Shelf. Notice the built-in K? We love geometry. Today this shelf is occupied with a selection of curated products and zines from the studios of our independent artists.


Our beloved packaging arrives to fill the void with patterns (October 2013)


As people started streaming into our showroom, and we started customizing our storage and display spaces. We created movable shelves to help us partition the space, where each square within the shelves could fit 9 of our silkscreened Kulture Shop Tubes.


The K Table which was painted with red lacquer and topped with glass became our welcome desk, with its accompanying red chair.



Our Welcome Desk and Sumo the Great


Tee Rack Installation (November 2013-2014)

Our welded Tee Rack hosted our first 3 Themes and a few artifacts below that tied into the concepts of works on display. As we continued to experiment with our space by adding the ever-evolving artworks and collections, we changed the display formats a number of times to keep us on our toes.


We loved it when our friends old and new visited us and are extremely thankful to each one of you that have supported us. As we move into our third year, we incorporate the lessons learnt and enthusiastically look forward to new opportunities and collaborations.


We are thrilled when influencers pop into our studio, here are 3 of the many badasses who paid us a visit recently!


Left: One of India's most respected photographers Bharat Sikka | Centre: Actor Dev Patel | Right: Musician extraordinaire Karsh Kale

Stay tuned by following our #KFix & #KSpotting posts here.


Exhibition Theme 06: Welcome to the Future (April 2014)


New Kulture Shop A5 Sketchbooks & A6 Notebooks arrive in the Showroom (January 2015)





Today, our store is bursting with all kinds of fun products from cushion covers to phone cases to mugs and more. Behind the red T-table is our main wall where we display the current theme. Sitting below you’ll find our T-Shirt Rack with a range of Men's & Women's Art Tees. We'll let you discover the rest!

As our collections have expanded so has our space, we like to keep things fresh and in a state of change. Do drop in, we’d love to meet you!

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