Kulture Shop Gazette 2020

Kulture Shop Gazette 2020

We are a curated collective of Indian graphic artists spearheading an art movement to redefine our visual identity for the 21st century.
Challenging the traditional notion of art, we believe in a world where art is affordable to own and inspires us to express ourselves daily.
Every purchase rewards an artist.

Welcome to Kulture Shop’s Gazette 2020! The Gazette is an opportunity for us to capture the width and breadth of the platform. We are an extremely dynamic syndicate- working across art, design, retail and culture. In this gazette we have consolidated all of the thoughts and learnings for the new year, carrying insight from 6 years of data. It shows :

  • New artists who have been added to the KS family
  • Artists who have been doing well
  • Our valuable services
  • Our store at Bandra
  • All of the amazing things coming up at Kulture Shop

More than that, through the gazette we seek to inspire the artists into creating new and exciting work because their fans want to support them!

You can download the Gazette and have look through it!

If you’re an artist who is interested in becoming a part of the platform, go have a look at our Join Us page. We’re always looking for new talent!