KS A5 Sketchbooks: Go Ahead, Create Something!

KS A5 Sketchbooks: Go Ahead, Create Something!

From the advent of time, humanity has continuously striven to record their thoughts and communicate. From cave walls to sketchbooks and pencils to digital canvases, ideas matter, they can change the world and need to be captured.

Architects. Poets. Fashionistas. Photographers. Designers. Let the creative juices flow!

We’re excited to introduce the spanking new KS Sketchbooks, perfectly sized for the modern day creatives, doodling on the run. The A5-sized KS Sketchbook aims to encourage creativity. Constantly driving quality through attention to little details that make the sketchbook an easy-fit accessory to have in your bag.

Make these KS Sketchbooks your own!


Kulture Shop A5 Sketchbooks are an empty canvas waiting for you to create something. Each sketchbook is covered in Kraft paper with elegant silkscreens that profess our love for geometry and pattern and is a play on our logo in our signature grey and off-white.

Go ahead, draw, scribble, make notes and lists, and of course, enjoy it!


pattern_greyTwo Toned Silk-screened matte & gloss patterned Kraft covers

03-BlogPost_2 pattern_white


Sketchbook_blog_banner3 Made In India stamp that makes no bones about who we are.




Plain K-logo cover variants for those of you who like it simple, or like to make your own cover art.

03-BlogPost_51 Create Something Today!

96 Pages

 200 GSM Kraft cover

2 tone silkscreen grey - matt & off-white -gloss

Secure center stitch binding

Back pocket for storage

Back Deboss Detail

All this for a fantastic price of INR 400 for a set of two. So go on get

yours, at our Kulture Shop showroom & Online !



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