How to Display Your Art

Bombay Flashback by The Dallas Company. Currently still available at Kulture Shop via our Collector Boxes (Culture Theme).

If you're like us, you love a great art wall, one that pulls you in and keeps you there for more than a moment. Viewing art offers many positive benefits for the brain, so let us help you create your own art wall.

Recently, we came out with Collector Boxes, (20 boxes in all!) holding some of our most iconic art prints and fan favourites. If you’re holding one of these boxes in your hands, you may be contemplating how you should display your newly acquired art. We got you covered.

Know your material
Kulture Shop art prints are printed on Dolce Vita, an imported 270 GSM fine paper. It is certified as suitable for archival use which means the paper will not yellow or break down over time. 

Arranging your art
We spent a fair amount of time curating each Collector Box. After shortlisting our most iconic and popular art works, we came up with five themes: Culture, Design, Fusion, Nature, People.

Each box has a nice balance and variety of styles and moods that offers the consumer some flexibility on how they choose to display the work - whether as single pieces spread across the home or office, or pairing or grouping the art. The choice is yours.

Mixing different sizes will make the wall look more interesting.

Whether you opt for a more uniform or eclectic display, framing your artwork plays an important role. This is where you can introduce variety, especially if you have artworks of the same size to work with. When creating a gallery wall, you have numerous options.

You can choose mounted artwork, unmounted artwork, or floating frames. You can vary the matte size and frame thickness. You also have the choice of using frames of the same color or mixing it up with 2 to 3 different frame colors.

A few more tips
When decorating above a bed, sofa, or dining cabinet, aim to fill 60-75% of the available wall space with your art. This is a general guideline, so feel free to break the rules as long as you maintain visual balance and harmony.

The golden rule used in most galleries for hanging art is the “57 inch rule” which suggests the center of your art should be 57 inches from the ground. When grouping the art to create a gallery wall, leave 3 to 6 inches of space between artwork.