The Katalyst Collection

The Katalyst Collection

KATALYST ˈkat(ə)lɪst/ - (n.) Someone who champions alternative thought, and is open to new contemporary possibilities that challenge the ideas of art & culture, within local and international contexts.

At Kulture Shop, we believe in the power of collaboration. We believe when creative minds from different fields find accord, interesting things happen. So we looked for stand out individuals from the fields of Film, Design, Science and Music, and stuck them in a room with four exceptional Kulture Shop graphic artists — the result? We were able to create an explosion of our own.

The result is the Katalyst collection — four collaborative designs available as limited edition prints, tees and a unique large-sized edition per design created using processes that reflect the Katalysts themselves.


India’s alternative Bollywood icon Kalki Koechlin lends inspiration to the prolific Sameer Kulavoor. We love everything about Kalki — her badass film choices, her strongly individualistic outlook that spills out of her characters. She’s not only a Bollywood actress though. We admire her strong commitment to theatre as well, writing and acting in plays despite her burgeoning film career. Sameer’s minimalistic kitsch turned out to be a perfect complement to Kalki’s zany and oh-so-positive energy.

Together, they take their shared love of 80's India and it’s archetypes as explored in Bollywood films and turned it into an homage to disco superstars of the big screen with their detailed costume and killer dance moves.


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Original hipster, artist and furniture designer Shahid Datawala invites the studious Lokesh Karekar into his cabinet of curiosities to inspire him with objects collected over time. We literally can’t get enough of Shahid. Eccentric, and absolutely brilliant, Datawala straddles many worlds, and exceptionally well. There’s very little he hasn’t tried his hand at. His design experiments stretch across furniture, fashion, clothing and jewellery. His photographs, notably of desolation and age in a fast paced urban world, speak to a penchant for the past. So does his enthusiastic collection of old police handcuffs, nutcrackers and coal irons. Lokesh’s quiet nature got along famously with Shahid’s large-as-life persona.

The infectious duo took their interest in form and function of objects to the next level to create a witty byplay with the word Estree, bringing the Indian female form (stree) to the near extinct but iconic estree (coal iron).


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Pentagram guitar hero Randolph Correia invite Kunal Anand over to his studio for an evening of doodling and ideating.  We love Randolph, not only for the wicked music he makes as his alter-ego Func from the electronic duo Shaa’ir + Func), but also for the eclectic stylings and peculiarities of the persona known as Func. When Func calls you to his studio, how could you say no? The result was an amazing journey down the rabbit hole (in this case, inside Func’s studio).

Kunal shows us Randolph turning into a futuristic scientist, another version of the Mad Hatter, plugging away in his sonic laboratory, making music out of circuits, samples, and loops for a not-so-distant tea party.


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Founder of India’s first private space start up, Dr. Susmita Mohanty convinces our vector champ Aviral Saxena that space is truly the final vacation frontier. We love the incredible Dr. Mohanty. How could we not? The woman has NASA and the ISRO on her CV and space on her mind! While the rest of us are dreaming about Chewbacca, Susmita is out there figuring how to find him! And her belief in space as a large unknown with no boundaries, strangely enough, works well with Aviral’s love for vector-based designs which can be scaled up limitlessly.

Delving equally into pop culture’s version of space travel and the actual science behind it, they imagine the futuristic port of Mumbai, through which travelers can journey not only to destinations across Earth, but also the ever-expanding universe.


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