Launching Audible Suno in India with Original Indian Audiobook covers

Launching Audible Suno in India with Original Indian Audiobook covers

KULTURE Lab is a design laboratory helping brands discover their silver linings by generating solutions with local understanding and global relevance. WORKING WITH WORLDWIDE ARTISTS AND BRANDS THROUGH ART, DESIGN & CULTURE TO ENVISION SOLUTIONS FOR A LOCAL AND GLOBAL AUDIENCE

Audible, an Amazon company, is the world's largest producer of downloadable audiobooks. Audible’s new Originals release sees a host of new relevant content aimed at the Indian market addressing a wide range of stories and social discourses.

It is “Indian cinema for your ears”.
- Amanda Mooney, Original Programming


With the success of our first engagement with Audible forMafia Queens of Mumbai, Amazon’s Audible Suno approached Kulture Shop to curate and create 9 audiobook covers in the vein of movie posters with a larger than life story and impact.  


Audible Suno Originals is an immersive and intimate medium, completely on the edge of Indian cinematic culture. Wanting to stay true to this, our in house team curated multiple artists from the platform to create 9 completely original series. Each artist was hand picked and mapped to the appropriate title with project management, art direction and research provided by Kulture Shop. 

Audiobook Titles: 



Tumhare Liye is a series by Terribly Tiny Tales which gives voice to real letters that hold in their margins deep secrets, love, longing, nostalgia, pain, and joy.

We Art Directed emotive album art Illustrator Vibhav Singh who captured our concept of two lovers floating away from each other writing letters of love creating amellow sad cinematic moment between the love unable to be expressed.




My Ex Breast is a 5 star rated series from Audible Suno by Tahira Kashyap Khurrana. In this series, Tahira takes you on an intimate journey through a mad storm called breast cancer. 

The Kulture Shop’s Art Lead and Illustrator, Sneha Iyer, created the key art visual which capture the optimistic, enigmatic personal Life of the Director and Writer Tahira Kashyap. She draws elements inspired from Tahira's life in a fun pop illustrative style along with creating a custom title design where she sees life with rose tinted glasses. 



 (Hidden Shadows)

Chhupe Saaye is a 38-episode series featuring stories of the supernatural, horror, suspense and crime from the best of English, Bengali and regional Indian literature. From strange creatures emerging from a moonlit lake, to a deadly stalker following a schoolmaster in the dead of the night- these stories have been long held in the dusty pages of books a new generation of listeners have forgotten.

Kulture Shop's in house team designed the key art usinga minimal graphic design style, effectively portraying a classic horror, modern edge. Illustrated an Indian witch’s cursed hands, writing the blood soaked title Chhupe Saaye was a custom font created for this title.




Trideviis an 8-episode fictional series about three mothers - Imli, Sifu, and Niko as they take on the highs and lows of love, careers, in-laws, and children. 

We developed the characters and the key concept of the 3 women with the client and worked with the dynamic illustrator Tanya Eden. She captures in hermodern, feminist, glossy style, the most raw and honest moments between the 3 female friends. 


This is a 24-episode series hosted by Neena Gupta. It explores the very edges of modern love and relationships. Spanning secret sex lives, open marriage, polyamory, missing parents, almost lovers, and everything in between, this series explores the intimacies of real stories and confessions from Arré writers across the country.

  Danny Guy (photographer) captures intimate moments from young Indians across the country aiming to fairly represents members from across genders, identities and backgrounds.⁠



Ananya Mehra is a foul-mouthed, unfiltered twenty-something who runs a podcast that divulges her entire life. Nothing is sacred or off limits. She records intimate, personal conversations with the people in her life and streams them on her show without them knowing. 

Illustrator Sam Madhu's art is feisty, angry and powerful, and worked great with our concept for Pull to Refresh. We worked with her to create a custom key art illustration in a youthful, millennial colour pallette that 



The Unexperts are experts at giving you the information you don’t need - unsolicited advice, ridiculous opinions, and really, really bad reviews. Each episode features a panel of Unexperts who will break down everything– from their old school teachers, to artificial intelligence, ghosts, the apocalypse, family, and more.

The talented illustrator Priyesh Trivedi, known for his cult loving artwork series Adarsh Balak, hand painted Abish Mathew and the entire artwork. We created an entire failed news anchor vibe with funny illustration elements along with a hand painted type that has a quirky character to it. 


She Says She’s Fine

She Says She’s Fine is a 25-episode women’s health series created and hosted by Dr. Munjaal Kapadia. It takes away the shame and stigma around talking about subjects like sex, contraception, periods, motherhood, and miscarriages in the context of changing lifestyle choices, advancements in medical technology.

As a representation of these varied  a group of women in support of each other as they stand in solidarity with their heads held high and eyes filled with compassion and female power. The artwork and custom hand drawn title was Illustrated by Sneha Iyer, Creative Lead at Kulture Shop.


Picture ke Peeche (Behind the Picture) - Audible Suno Originals

Picture Ke Peechhe is a series created and hosted by Rajeev Masand. It is about the untold making-of stories of the most enduring Hindi films of the past two decades. Each film’s director sits down with Rajeev to recollect their personal memories from the sets.

The Kulture Shop team worked closely with the Illustrator Sandeep Jaiswar to create the key art visual which makes the Audible listener feel like they are walking onto a set of a Bollywood movie. We also worked In house to create all the Key art for the different episodes with lead actors and directors, as the Illustration was being designed to be adaptable and flexible to all the Audible formats.




On December 12, 2019, Audible and some of India’s best-known writers and performers announced Audible Suno, a free, ad-free streaming service offering listeners in India unlimited access to over 60 exclusive audio shows in Hindi and English.

"Audible Suno is a world-first for Audible, and reflects our commitment to creating exceptional entertainment for our Indian customers," -Don Katz, founder of Audible 

Initial customer reviews have praised Audible Suno’s powerful content. “Honest and Brave,” said a customer who described listening to My Ex Breast, starring Tahira Kashyap. “Must have app for all audio lovers,” said another. Overall the Audible was loved and received across the News, Publications and made Indian mainstream cinema loving audiences fall in love with audiobooks. 

Agency - Kulture Shop 
Client -  Amazon
Brand - Audible
Creative Director - Kunal Anand
Art Director - Sneha Iyer

Tumhare Liye - Vibhav Singh
My Ex Breast - Sneha Iyer
Chuppe Saaye - Kunal Anand
Tridevi - Tanya Eden
Ae Dil Hai Complicated - Danny Guy (photographer)
Pull to Refresh - Sam Madhu
The Unexperts - Priyesh Trivedi
She Says She's Fine - Sneha Iyer
Picture ke Peeche - Sandeep Jaiswar