Kulture Shop at KDY14

Kulture Shop at KDY14

It's Kyoorius time again and we could not be more thrilled to be in Book Winners & the Blue Elephant nominees for our identity and packaging — and, to be part of #KDY14 with the Kulture Shop pop up, with our latest theme, previews to our newest products and an awesome contest to get your artwork on a KS tee!


4200 man hours and 58945085 litres of sweat and 17485 pin pricks, previews of our first themes, in art prints and tees, and our very exclusively-for KDY13 tees that spoke to the artist in you – be it the Rebel, the Surrealist, the Illusionist, the Minimalist or the Abstractionist so visitors to the Designyatra wear who they were with pride.


This year, Kulture Shop gets elaborate. First off, we ask you, "What if Everyone at KDY14 collaborated on one art work?"


Kulture Shop invites all KDY14 visitors to join forces to tell the story of their Designyatra experience. The installation features a table with an attached paper roll, that can be wound through both handles. The stationary (and the start of the story) is on us!

Get involved and share your journey, sketches and experiences. Use the #KSdoodlers

Pop by our Pop-up


For all you discerning design geeks, we've got our newest theme on offer, along with some deals just for you. Get some rewards. Drop by and see the latest by designers Lokesh Karekar, Hari Panicker, Janine Shroff, Aviral Saxena and the latest addition to our platform — Jasjyot Singh Hans, as they explore archetypes through a range of characters and monsters.

Sneak Peak


And, NEW NEW NEW. Kulture Shop sketchbooks, notebooks and scarves featuring Kulture Shop artwork, to touch, taste, and buy with some awesome KDY14 benefits! Submit!


And we're looking at you, design students. Think your design's good enough for a tee? Show us. Reach into the Kulture Shop Art Survival Kit in your KDY14 goodie bag for a very, very special insert, follow the brief and you could win the chance to have your art work printed, and pushed for you, by us, on a KS tee! So, get down to KDY14, we can't wait to see y'all!