Artist Meet Up

Artist Meet Up

The new Kala Ghoda store is up and running and to kick things off, we invited local Kulture Shop artists for a mid-week get-together. Some of our newest additions to the platform like Hanisha Tirumalasetty, Arjun Makwana, Kanika Sethi, Anjul Dandekar and Hiten Sondagar showed up as did the first two artists we signed up over 3 years ago - Sameer Kulavoor and Lokesh Karekar. The new space was buzzing with fresh energy as artists bonded, doodled, and walked through the store with the Kulture Shop team. We were just super excited to see everyone under one roof!! And as mentioned by the co-founders that evening, you guys are our heroes. We couldn't have gotten this far without you.

Seen Above (L-R): Sameer Kulavoor | Hari Panicker | Lokesh Karekar | Ameya SK | Kunal Anand | Anjul Dandekar | Hanisha Tirumalasetty

When designing the new store, one of our main objectives was to feature as much work from as many different artists as possible on the walls. We have currently 95 displayed artworks throughout the store! And in order for customers to discover more art and artists, we created an Art Discovery table. Stay tuned for the blog post that gets into the nitty-gritty.

Seen Above (L-R): Hiten Sondagar | Sahil Shah | Arjun Makwana | Kanika Sethi | Lokesh Karekar | Mayur Mengle | Ameya SK | Kunal Anand

We look forward to hosting events at the new store. Let’s rock this! Please contact Jas at to share ideas for exhibitions, talks, workshops, screenings, event series, etc. We’d love for you to get involved and consider this space yours.

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 of the event.

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