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Introduction to Icons with Ameya SK by Audiogyan

Introduction to Icons with Ameya SK by Audiogyan

Kulture Shop teams up with Audiogyan to bring in-depth interviews to what our Indian graphic artists are up to right now... Through riveting conversations of India's brightest, creative minds across a wide variety of creative disciplines. (check out their 40 live podcast)

Audiogyan podcasts are mainly one to one discussions or question - answer sessions with people who have devoted their lives in the field of Design, Philosophy, and Arts. It’s a genuine & humble attempt to document information for future generations.

We kick off our third podcast Q&A session with Ameya SK

Based in Mumbai, Ameya SK is a independent graphic designer. A product and user experience designer who dabbles in illustrations as a means of self expression. More importantly an artist who specialises in icons. A lover of line art, iconography, steam-punk, mythology and other fantasy driven themes, his expression for art is militaristic and futuristic.

Gyan Session

Can you share a Brief history of icons in India? How have they evolved and current state? What are the characteristics of and icon family? How have meanings of icons changed as we have evolved as humans, societies at large? What does it take to make an icon unique in style but still communicate effectively and friendly? What are your source of inspiration to make icons?

An icon should be made at the smallest size first and then scaled proportionately to other sizes.

- Ameya SK


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You can find more information discussed within the podcast from the website link here.

Check out their (40 live podcast's). If not u can also get in touch with Audiogyan Twitter:@audiogyan & Kulture Shop Twitter:@KultureShop


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