BCG X Kulture Shop

BCG X Kulture Shop

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The Boston Consulting Group, Inc. (BCG) is an American multinational management consulting firm with more than 90 offices in 50 countries. The rapidly expanding firm wanted to shift its Mumbai office from Nariman Point to a larger space in Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC). BCG asked Kulture Shop to curate, custom create and source art for their new office in BKC. They wanted the art to capture a sense of Mumbai and the thriving culture and spirit of the city, keeping in mind The Boston Consulting Group’s professionalism and brand principles. Kulture Shop acted as the art partner for BCG's new office. Apart from curating photography, fine art, and graphic art, we also custom created illustrations and wallpaper decals for the office space. The photography curated for the reception lounge is an introduction to space. It captures the essence of the city, juxtaposing the past and presence, showcasing the transformation of the city from Bombay to Mumbai.

 Photography by Taksh Shikari, Mitesh Patil, Sanket Khuntale, Prabhal Pandey and Saurav.

The pillar acts a welcoming sign and provides a more local context to space. The artwork ( 'Namaskar' by Shreyansh Agarwal) is a typographic representation of greetings in Bengali, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, Odia, Urdu, Hindi and English. The wall behind the pillar highlights the history of the company in a linear timeline. Illustrated by Kunal Anand & Sneha Iyer, the wall introduces the company and its history in a visually engaging way.

Above: Namaskar, artwork by Shreyansh Agarwal, painted by Jas Charanjiva. Below: BCG Timeline, illustrated by Kunal Anand & Sneha Iyer. 

The phone booths have a vibrant, floral pattern padding the interiors. To offset this, a subtle linework floral drawing was used as a decal.

The Hex Tea Room's entrance is adorned with a wallpaper of vintage map of Mumbai. Inside the tearoom, artist Dallas Fernandes' time capsule series of Bombay's glory days gives us a peek into scenes from a glamorous old city.

 Bombay Flashback by The Dallas Company.

The tech room features a large scale wallpaper. A collaboration between spaceship designer Susmita Mohanty & artist Aviral Saxena, the artwork reimagines Bombay as a floating space station. Tethered into orbit, Future Bombay is a self-sustaining city, & also serves as a pit stop for travels into deep space.

 Space Station Mumbai by Aviral Saxena.

"Kulture Shop has been able to provide us with an end to end service, with great collaborative spirit, outstanding design, and creative essence and an efficient delivery model to ensure our new space had a look and feel that was novel and fresh, capturing our philosophy in a quirky yet understated way. We are absolutely delighted with the outcome."
- Rahool Rai, Partner & Director at The Boston Consulting Group

The collabo area features an installation inspired by the Sealink. To complement the beautiful structure, Kunal Anand's minimal Sealink was put up.

by Kunal Anand.

The lounge outside the Bollywood Room features striking and vivid portraits by Shruthi Venkataraman that pays homage to the stalwart citizens who ply their trade come rain or sun.

Bombaywale by Shruthi Venkatraman.

The corridor leading to the boardroom features portraits of pioneers who helped shape the world. Designed by Sneha Iyer, the stunning portraits reflect the company's values

The boardroom features paintings by visual artist Rahul Chauhan. The forms emerge as a visual manifestation of the incessant calling of the inside from the úniverse.

The next corridor celebrates the unsung heroes of Indian travel, the trains. The artworks take you on a ride to the cafeteria, which features vintage Indian advertisements. 

Above: Indian Rail Engines by Siddharth Dasari.

The new office was inaugurated on November 23, 2018, marking the end of the two-month-long project. Here's what the Partner & Director at The Boston Consulting Group, Rahool Rai had to say about the Co-Lab:

"We had the opportunity of having Kulture Shop as our partners in curating, custom creating and sourcing art for our new office at BKC.

From the time of the brief to the final handover, it was a pleasure to work with Kulture Shop and the team. We have been extremely pleased with the outcome where Kulture Shop has literally given life to our thinking, capturing every nuance of positioning and used the spaces most effectively to bring that to reality.

I would like to highlight the most professional and accommodative way of working – both listening to us to capture our philosophy and challenging us at the same time to help us “discover” new elements and new ways of expressing our brand. The creative talent is absolutely fantastic – they managed to curate the right art for the right spaces, custom create specific artworks that magnify our brand promise and sourced artwork that was bold and apt for what we were looking for. All of this with great attitude!

Kulture Shop has been able to provide us an end to end service, with a great collaborative spirit, outstanding design, and creative essence and an efficient delivery model to ensure our new space had a look and feel that was novel and fresh, capturing our philosophy in a quirky yet understated way. We are absolutely delighted with the outcome."

- Rahool Rai

Agency - Kulture Shop
Art Direction & Curation - Kunal Anand
Illustration - Sneha Iyer
Project Management - Jas Charanjiva
Client - The Boston Consulting Group

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