CO-LAB - Adidas Originals X Kulture Shop

CO-LAB - Adidas Originals X Kulture Shop

As a collective of leading Indian graphic artists and proponents of the New Indian Art Wave, Kulture Shop believes that design can create impact and elevate experiences. We’ve opened our doors to collaborate with brands, studios, agencies, and innovators to create unique design experiences. 

In 2017, Adidas launched a powerful global campaign - The Original is Never Finished. The idea was to challenge the meaning of originality itself - by recreating moments and remaking the past in your own way - that everything is a work in progress, everything is always evolving, in a state of becoming better. The video beautifully captures the essence, with a modern update of the Frank Sinatra song.  


We were asked to collaborate with Adidas for their store launch on Linking Road, Bandra. The new space updates the brand and provides a space for the brand to engage with community and creators alike.

Linking road connects the suburbs of Bandra and Juhu and was built circa 1940s. A mecca for shopping, the street is an intriguing dichotomy where high and low fashion casually coexists. Layered on top of this shopping culture are restaurants, clubs, cafes, and pubs amongst small, hidden warehouses and residences. Located in the queen of suburbs, this place is a crowded hangout spot regardless of the day and time. It’s a visual overload of different signboards, in various shapes, colors, and forms - all striving for your attention. Centered around the current Adidas store, we imagine the area to have gone through many layers of gentrification but still maintained it’s buzz.  Something about this place will always feel unfinished because it’ll forever accommodate new waves of change. Architecture is a tool to capture this character, and hence the artist chosen for this collaboration was Broti Bhattacharya. Skilled in graphic design and hand-drawn illustration, Broti specializes in drawing intricate cityscapes with an extraordinary sense of detail. The four-week long project involved extensive research. The process began with creating a wireframe for all the buildings in the vicinity and extended it to iconic cities in Bandra. Gymkhana, Joggers’ Park and the many design grills that you notice within Bandra’s community Whilst working in the wireframe, we used the Adidas colours - black, blue and white initially. We wanted to play with light, signage, street lamps, and shop windows as well. the final artwork sued three different colour in varying shades to give the illustration a more futuristic feel.

We married the idea of the Creator’s Project within the illustration. Each building was created and illustrated as an individual unity. The city could be broken up and remade into units - originality is never finished.  The illustration matches the city into the brand and captures the scene of a futuristic Bombay. We wanted to provide Adidas with something that has longevity as they plan to do multiple events. The front of the poster could be the illustration, and the back would contain event details.

"When Kunal and I were discussing what visual approach to take, there were talks of infusing some pop culture as well as Bandra subculture references within the illustration. While we were talking about the future city approach, we ended up quoting the  1982 movie 'Blade Runner'. And bam! We had a visual direction."
- Broti Bhattacharya, Illustrator


For their store launch, Adidas wanted to extend the use of the illustration in more dynamic ways and suggested we create a limited line of merchandise for the store including postcards, notebooks, and tote bags, packaged in a Kulture Shop customized tube.

Full range of merchandisecreated for the brand.

Overall, this culminated in their first event collaboration with Kulture Shop - a live workshop for creating visuals via code by Abhinay Khoparzi.

Agency - Kulture Shop
Client - Adidas
Art Direction - Kunal Anand
Design - Broti Bhattacharya

We love to work with dynamic and innovative brands that want to bring great design to the forefront. If you would like to CO-LAB with Kulture Shop on design service,  e-mail us at