Pune, India


KOSH is a Sanskrit word meaning compilation of knowledge. Parag, Ashwin & Ishan three minds come together from 3 best design schools in India, share a common interest and passion about India & decide to present not only the visual culture but also the stories and the rich information in a concise yet complete way. KOSH is derived output of the common passion called Indian culture.

Mantra – The Vision Kosh as a system aims to fulfill an intangible need to percolate, demystify & relive the stories, the festivals, the music, the rituals, and all that form the astounding fabric that is India !

Tantra – The Mission To design products that have a cohesive visual language, evolved from Indian forms, and have edifying information. To have an un-biased portrayal and invoke a cultural pride and identity.


• 2016 – Featured in Meet the City Magazine
• 2016 – Finalist for India’s Best Design Studio Awards