Art X Music

Last year we brought you a collection that emanated from a collaboration with four Mumbai-based Katalysts making waves across various industries. Our deep love for collaborations continues in Year 02 as we bring you a collection of limited edition collectible music genre tees (150 qty) and art prints (100 qty). We teamed up five of our graphic artists with today’s leading Indian musicians that are breaking rules and pushing new ground. What we got back was pure explosion!

And here are the newest Katalysts: Arjun Vagale (Techno), Karsh Kale (World), Monica Dogra (Indie Pop), BLOT! (Electronica) and Scribe (Metal).  We are proud to present the Katalyst Music Collection, exclusively available on Kulture Shop and  If you have bought the product: click here to download the exclusive Katalyst Music Tracks.
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Arjun Vagale x Aniruddh Mehta

Founder of Jalebee Cartel and bossman at Unmute Agency, Arjun Vagale has been preaching the word of techno around the world for years now. After being featured on Vice Thump, Beatport and a host of other accolades, Arjun collaborates with Aniruddh Mehta, a graphic designer with an eye for geometry. We are really excited to show you what was created when the sound and visual palettes of Arjun and Aniruddh vibed together.
#ThisIsArt Own It. Live It.


Karsh Kale x Meera Sethi

Multi-instrumentalist Karsh Kale‘s discography is filled with collaborations with artists like Sting, Lenny Kravitz, and Zakir Hussain. His music fuses Indian & Western influences into his unmistakable sound. Much like Karsh, Meera Sethi‘s work dives deep into the modern Indian identity and its evolution. Together they explore the cross-pollination of cultures.
#ThisIsArt Own It. Live It.


Monica Dogra x Jasjyot Singh Hans

While performing on stage as Shaa’ir, Monica Dogra has a captivating stage presence matched with elaborate costumes and exuberant dancing. Her music is about the courageous exploration of possibilities, and this makes her a perfect muse for Jasjyot Singh Hans. Much like Monica’s lyrics, Jasjyot’s art is about overcoming human vulnerabilities, and their collaboration promises to be a heartfelt ode to Monica the person,not the persona.
#ThisIsArt Own It. Live It.


Scribe x Gaurav Basu

Indian metal legends Scribe are known for the cheeky humour they pair with their sonic assault. They work with illustrator, fellow musician and long-time friend Gaurav Basu to celebrate the band’s latest release, Hail Mogambo. Brace yourself, Scribe is bringing the apocalypse.
#ThisIsArtOwn It. Live It.


BLOT! x Rishidev RK

Gaurav and Avinash of BLOT! (Basic Love of Things) love pushing the envelope on multimedia collaborations that has manifested itself in projects spanning audiovisual performances, immersive installations and recently, video game design. Creative Director at Wieden + Kennedy Delhi Rishidev RK joins forces with BLOT! to create a world synthesized the South Indian flavour with Electronica.
#ThisIsArt Own It. Live It.