We Are Hiring: Communication Designer

Kulture Shop is looking for a Communications Designer to ramp up the visual identity and communications of the Kulture Shop brand. We are looking for a multi-talented young go-getter, hungry to show off their skills in motion graphics and art direction.

Type, Records & Play : Music Theme Launch

Kulture Shop in Kala Ghoda is a visual and sub culture hub. Hosting talks, exhibits & creative mixers every month in its modular space. For the Music Theme, seven Kulture Shop artists made a typographic art piece that represented the subculture of their favorite music genre.

41 New Artworks, 3 New Artists

We’re excited to reveal  3 new up & coming artists added to the platform, plus 40 new artworks covering a range of illustration, graphic design, typography & mixed media. Read on to check out the rising curated talent!

Themes: Music

Music genres are about so much more than the music – they soak up a wealth of subcultures with unique fashion, art, sounds, slang, and personalities. Through this theme Kulture Shop artists look to create a typographic mark loaded with symbolism and history, representing jazz, blues, hip hop, dub, indie rock, and metal.

Kulture Shop, Kala Ghoda: A New Way To Buy Art

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai’s trendy art district, was the obvious choice for Kulture Shop’s new flagship store. The concept behind the new store is rooted in making art by leading Indian graphic artists accessible, approachable and engaging. In an area peppered with traditional galleries and museums, our two-level 700 square-foot modern-day gallery offers a streamlined experience […]

New Artworks Added

Kulture Shop adds a wide variety of new artworks from our curated artists. Each artist has a unique visual voice and stylistic quirks. Get to know them through their artist shops and their new works. Here’s a preview of some of the new additions to our art prints catalog.   New Artworks by Shruthi Venkataraman (3 new works […]

Art for The Heart

Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be about flowers and diamonds. Time to up your gifting game and show your partner some love. Maybe you can’t stand V Day and the displays of romance? We’ve got something for you too! Scroll through for more.

Indianama 2017 – Now available on Kulture Shop

Indianama is the brainchild of Kunel Gaur and Sharon Borgoyary. In 2016 they released the first edition – a collection of travel posters featuring 69 artists with a vision for India. Last year they curated a second collection, now stocked with us at Kulture Shop. The originals have travelled from New Delhi to London Design Festival […]

Art for Interiors Lookbook Edition 2. Get Inspired

Some of the best designed rooms use Art as a focal point. Art helps to bring your bedroom, living room, office, cafe, bar or outdoor space to life.  Quite often Art is the finishing element that pulls the space together. At Kulture Shop we have over 600+ artworks that can fit any space. Adding a burst of thought, energy, and […]