Art for Interiors Lookbook. Get Inspired

Some of the best designed rooms use Art as a focal point. Art helps to bring your bedroom, living room, office, cafe, bar or outdoor space to life.  Quite often Art is the finishing element that pulls the space together. At Kulture Shop we have over 500+ artworks that can fit any space. Adding a burst of thought, energy and […]

Broti Bhattacharya: Designing Life’s Experiences

Broti’s work is unclassified and diverse, yet coherent enough to look like creations of the same hand. A Graphic Designer by training, he looks at Art as a way to take a break from commercial work, and as a testing ground for some of his visual experiments. Broti has also been featured a couple of […]

Shreyansh Agarwal: Devanagari Reloaded

Born with a sweet tooth, Shreyansh has studied design in Bangalore and London. He strives to create typographic work that is Indian yet contemporary. The work draws from a varied mix of inspirations like architectural forms, visual patterns, textiles techniques and Indian culture.  

10 New Kulture Shop Artists Added

Our goal is representing the best Indian graphic artists, and thus we’re delighted to announce that we are adding 10 up & coming artists along with 63 new artworks covering a range of illustration, graphic design, typography & mixed media.

Sketchbook Sundays With Kosh

Sketchbooks are visual diaries which capture the thoughts, ideas and inspiration that drive creative minds. For our 10th Sketchbook Sunday and the First for 2017, we had something special, Studio Kosh from Pune. “KOSH” is a Sanskrit word meaning compilation of knowledge. They are known for creating visually brilliant products ranging from Festival Diary, Festival Cards, […]

A Journey Into Age Old Printmaking – By Hitanshu Bhatt

Against the dull canvas of the Kutch district, outshines a pool of rich and bold colors of the amazing block print art – ‘Ajrakh’. The millennia-old tradition and technique of this block print art unfold many stories and the name carries many meanings. Let’s unearth the history of the attractive ‘Ajrakh Printing’.   A long […]

Kulture Shop Art at The Bagel Shop

Over the last few years Bandra has exploded into a hub for creativity, breaking norms in the way we work, connect, play and live. Street art, alternative lifestyles, cool little pop-ups and nightlife that’s less overly-polished, and more ‘come as you are’ are just some of the reasons why so many people flock to our ‘hood.

Gettin’ Real on Valentine’s Day

Any plans for 14th Feb? Admit it, the onset of Valentine’s Day can stir up a few emotions. The status of your relationship doesn’t matter, the feelings do. So whether you’re committed to someone or yourself, show some love!   Being Single It’s not you, it’s them. If you don’t have finalised plans for V-Day, […]

Sanchit Sawaria: From Type & Beyond

Over the last 4 years Sanchit has been able to dodge being placed in a box. He was once a pure typographer churning out beautifully executed typefaces. He then expanded his focus to illustration and later 3D rendered artworks. Once again breaking the mould, he started his own studio, Struckby with design partner Prateek Upreti […]

New Artworks Added

Kulture Shop adds a wide variety of new artworks from our curated artists. Each artist has a unique visual voice and stylistic quirks. Get to know them through their artist shops and their new works. Here’s a preview of some of the new additions to our art prints catalog.   New Artworks by Mira Malhotra (9 new works […]