Kulture Shop’s Sketchbook Sunday is back and we kicked it off with our 1st Sketchbook Sunday for 2018 with Hitanshu Bhatt.

Check out our previous Sketchbook Sunday events on the KBlog. During every event we showcase artist works, explore the creative process and offer a short Q&A, followed by a group sketching session or workshop.

Hitanshu Bhatt is an artist based out of Mumbai, India. Art director in ElephantDreamz. He loves to explore different creative areas on a different platform. He gets inspired from everything around him nature, music, movie, people, impression etc. His work reflects the Indian root merging into beautiful abstract forms.

By creating collages from photographs he takes himself, Hitanshu is an artist who is deeply connected to the process of image creation. This is why this year’s first Sketchbook Sunday (and the tenth ever) was focused around collage making. Perhaps this love also makes him fascinated with Indian craft traditions. Watch out for his talk at our Kala Ghoda store on the same next week! Scroll through for more photos from the event.

IMG_0049 IMG_0059We kicked off the event with a meet and greet session for the attendees and a short talk by Hitanshu introducing himself. He stressed the importance of experimentation in art, and of noticing the beauty of everyday objects.

IMG_0093 IMG_0108 IMG_0124

After this session participants were invited to create their own collage pieces around the themes of Harmony and Beauty. Hitanshu brought some cut outs from his own photography while everybody else showed up with old magazines and newspapers to cut up. Attendees split off into loose groups to find their material and begin ideating.

IMG_0075 IMG_0151

Hitanshu hops between tables chatting to people and giving them feedback. The entire session lasted an hour and a half. This time it was held at Hoppipola, Khar.


IMG_0176 IMG_0180




IMG_0199 IMG_0217



At the end, participants were invited to pose with their work which Hitanshu reviewed. People ended up using fabric and string as well as paper cut-outs and the results were fascinating and innovative.


Check out the full gallery on Facebook of the event. 


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