Kulture Shop teams up with Audiogyan to bring in-depth interviews to what our Indian graphic artists are up to right now… Through riveting conversations of India’s brightest, creative minds across a wide variety of creative disciplines. (check out their 40 live podcast)

Audiogyan podcasts are mainly one to one discussions or question – answer sessions with people who have devoted their lives in the field of Design, Philosophy, and Arts. It’s a genuine & humble attempt to document information for future generations.

We kick off our third podcast Q&A session with Kunal Anand & Arjun Charanjiva

Kunal is Creative Drector and Co-Founder overseeing the design,. curation snd creative aspects at Kulture Shop. Born and raised in Zimbabwe and them the Uk,, he was part of the Asian Underground music/art movement and a spearhead of a dynamic and flourishing Indian graphic art scene. He is an accomplished entrepreneur as well as an award-winning creative director, art director and graphic artist. With over 15 years experience, his interests lay at the intersection of art, design and culture.

Arjun Charanjiva if founder of Kulture Shop. He comes from a FMCG background and has worked in marketing for several years and many brsmds.. He came back to India in 2007 and worked in the corporate world. He quit everything in 2010 and founded Kultureshop and since then has been instrumental in promoting art and artists in India

Gyan Session

What is Kulture Shop? How did it happen?

What is the need of a physical store?

How receptive are buyers of Kulture Shop products? Who are these buyers?

Which are the most hot selling products and artists which we should look for?

How is the work that Kulture Shop doing, influencing the society How is Indian art scene evolving?

What are the challenges in regaining Indian identity of art? I can see a lot of moment w.r.t art on social media and offline events? How are they received?

Can you briefly talk about plagiarism and stealing which happens in art. How & what is Kulture Shop doing for it?

Whats the future of art in India w.r.t restoring the work of giants on whose shoulders we lived on?


 Kulture Shop is here to promote dialogue between artists and consumers

– Arjun Charanjiva & Kunal Anand





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