Our goal is representing the best Indian graphic artists, and thus we’re delighted to announce that we are adding 9 up & coming artists along with 58 new artworks covering a range of illustration, graphic design, typography & mixed media.

Kulture Shop is here for Artists to create & upload original artworks online, sell them on our products and earn per product sold. We were humbled by the sheer volume of submissions and after careful consideration and painstaking effort, we are proud to announce all the artists being launched via our emerging artist label.

More artists coming soon! Read on to check out the rising curated talent!




Tejo Oo (3 Works Added)

Doodler – Graphic Designer – Photographer – Traveller

Artwork Preview : Evil Owl
It’s easy to stay awake till 6 AM, than to wake-up at 6 AM.





Ayesha Rana (3 Works Added)

A post graduate from IDC, IIT Bombay, Ayesha is an illustrator based out of Bangalore, India. Her style and interests are at an intersection of minimalism, chaos, geometry and vector. She makes things, takes pictures and is crazy about every bit of art around. Apart from illustrating, she loves dancing and playing a few tunes on her ukulele.

Artwork Preview : Birds of Paradise
A composition of birds from the land and the sea in a world so perfect and close to paradise.





Nisha Sethi (7 Works Added)

Nisha Kaur Sethi is an artist/activist from Berkeley, California where she grew up organizing for social justice and spray painting her neighborhood walls with messages of resistance. As a young Punjabi girl, Nisha turned to hip-hop and graffiti as tools for creative freedom and armed herself with a spray can to develop her style as a street artist. Having a foundation in typography and letterform, Nisha now operates as a professional Sign Painter in LA. By combining Indian culture with hip-hop, Nisha has also channeled a new style called Kalakari.

Artwork Preview : LA Hands
This is how we rep LA.





Hanisha Tirumalasetty (6 Works Added)

I’m a visual artist based currently in Mumbai. I studied Architecture from RV College in Bangalore. I decided after graduating to focus more on art & design, and eventually started working as a graphic designer/Illustrator in Mumbai, two years ago. I am self-taught and am in a constant state of learning.

Artwork Preview : Dissolve
It made my mind swim.





Muhammed Sajid (6 Works Added)

I’m from Calicut, Kerala. Lives in Banaglore, Kranataka. An artist, i like to draw in every seconds also Interested in illustrations and animations. Graduated degree in college of fine arts Trivandrum. Still Designer at FTW Bangalore.

Artwork Preview : PETS – Black Soozy
It’s all about pets. The most popular pets are noted for their attractive appearances and their loyal or playful personalities.




Prateek Vatash (4 Works Added)

Prateek is a Graphic-Artist and Designer from India. He works with a blend of elements, taken from his interests in typography, geometry, occult, architecture, neon and retro-nostalgia. His work exhibits contrasting styles, often mixing 2D and 3D visuals, in a vibrant and bold manner, that aims to inspire and excite others.

Artwork Preview : Broken Pieces
Emotive Pixels – 2 of 4





Radhika Chitalia (6 Works Added)

Graphic designer and Illustrator from Bombay, based in Copenhagen. I am an analog girl living in a digital world. I love everything old school. I love the old Indian folk art and the intricate patterns as well as the minimalistic and elegant.

Artwork Preview : Vintage Series – Dial Phone
MTNL old school rotary phone.





Kanika Sethi (11 Works Added)

Kanika Sethi is a art director / designer from Delhi currently based in Mumbai. She got her Applied Art degree from College of Art, Delhi. She is a multidisciplinary artist and is fascinated with colours, typography and design. She has won various awards like One Show and Cannes and her work got featured in various magazines.

Artwork Preview : Tribes Of India 1
Gadaba Tribe, Orissa.





Noopur Choksi (4 Works Added)

A Graphic Designer & Illustrator constantly inspired by Music, Science and everything in between. Her work revolves around the theme of exploring mundane occurrences, dreamscapes & pop surrealism interspersed with her fascination towards experimental fashion and organic forms. She spends a lot of time feeling moody and confused about life and space, and likes to believe that originality is not dead. She is currently learning Type Design at the Indian Type Foundry in Ahmedabad.

Artwork Preview : Timing
That struggle of keeping it together.





Shagun Puri (6 Works Added)

A College of Art graduate, Shagun works in advertising, when she’s not being a cleanliness addict. Loves sushi and pizza. Would like a sushi pizza! Lives a nomad life. Thinks Shahrukh Khan will never get old. Believes that the power of good food can calm all minds.

Artwork Preview : Urbintage 1
Digital Collage.



Osheen Siva (2 Works Added)

Osheen Siva is an illustrator, artist and a graphic designer. She experiments with digital as well as traditional media. She tends to derive inspiration form various facets of life. History, culture the stirring characteristics of people that she observes or has the opportunity to meet. Travel, music, nature, dreams and nightmares. Some of her major influences include Alan Moore, James Jean and Egon Schiele.

Artwork Preview : Retro Futurism Portrait 2
Experimentation with retro futurism juxtaposed with Indian aesthetics.


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