Our goal is representing the best Indian graphic artists, and thus we’re delighted to announce that we are adding 10 up & coming artists along with 63 new artworks covering a range of illustration, graphic design, typography & mixed media.

Kulture Shop is here for Artists to create & upload original artworks online, sell them on our products and earn per product sold. We were humbled by the sheer volume of submissions and after careful consideration and painstaking effort, we are proud to announce all the artists being launched via our emerging artist label.

More artists coming soon! Read on to check out the rising curated talent!




Deadtheduck (5 Works Added)

Madhav Nair is a fourth year visual communication student at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore. His field of interest lies in editorial illustration, graphic novels, guerilla art and publication design. He also goes by the name of deadtheduck.

Artwork Preview : Mr. 2016
We love Deadtheduck’s surreal, quirky and sometimes disturbing illustration style with beautiful use of colour. Stay tuned for more works.





Nupur Panemanglor (5 Works Added)

Nupur is an illustrator and multidisciplinary designer based in Pune. She is drawn to nature, textures and patterns through her art and finds inspiration in forests, music and beautiful handmade objects.

Artwork Preview : Green Thumb 02
Nupur’s first additions to Kulture Shop includes 2 visually dense illustration produced with waterolour on paper and the other selection of black and white pattern works. Do check out series of other black & white works.





Pavan Rajurkar (11 Works Added)

Pavan has had a knack for art from his childhood itself, which drove him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in applied arts from Sir JJ Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai. He has worked for numerous advertisement agencies such as JWT, Interface, RK Swamy BBDO, DDB Mudra, Radio Mirchi and many other studios based in Mumbai. Recently, he was also featured in Lürzer’s Archive’s 200 Best Illustrators worldwide in the year 2016.

Artwork Preview : Red Life 5
This artwork is taken from Pavan’s Artist Series – Red Light Projet.





Sahil Jain (5 Works Added)

Sahil uses silhouettes and blocks of colour hues to create digital artworks with atmosphere.

Artwork Preview : Full Moon
Beautiful nature and landscape with full moon in the sky.





Aditi Shah (4 Works Added)

Aditi is a Graphic Design graduate from Symbiosis International University. She started her career with design and now pursuing advertising. Her designs are as chirpy as she is and a reflection of what she loves to do- talk, travel, eat, dance, sing.

Artwork Preview : Life Lesson 1
They say patience pays, but not always.




Anjali Mehta (4 Works Added)

Anjali is a Visual artist currently living in Mumbai. She live’s on a diet of art blogs, and eats photographs for breakfast and finds comic sans ms utterly unacceptable. She also love’s scribbled journals, travelling, fresh flowers, polaroids, poetry, whiskey and french fries.

Artwork Preview : 5 AM
Anjali Mehta’s  indie style of illustration captures the popular culture of our times with quite observation.





Siddharth Dasari (10 Works Added)

Siddharth has lived in various countries and 5 different cities across the United States, Denmark and Germany. His work is a result for facination with cities, how people move and the things they see and do.

Artwork Preview : WAM4 – Indian Locomotive
“W” – broad gauge “A” – AC electric traction motive power “M” – Suitable for Mixed (goods and passenger) ; Home: Arakkonam Junction Electric Loco Shed





Anjul Dandekar (6 Works Added)

Galaxies, Stars and Life of a girl with blue hair. Anjul’s illustrations are bunch of visuals inspired from everyday experiences, put together in most random way possible. A doodle addict and a UI/UX designer based in Mumbai, her work will make you feel at peace and melancholic at the same time.

Artwork Preview : Touch of Universe
Connecting the nature with supernatural.

An extract from Anjul’s instagram feed which always has detailed story for every artwork
The day comes when someone tells you that they love you, do not forget to ask them why?. in their answer you may find that the only form of love they have ever known is self love.





Rachna Ravi (6 Works Added)

Rachna is an illustrator based out of New Delhi who specializes in hand drawn and painted, conceptual illustrations.

Artwork Preview : S-N
This Artwork is taken from series of night-sky illustrations Rachna did, based on a dream. Stay tuned for another series coming soon.





Arjun Makwana (7 Works Added)

Arjun being in the field of craft, tailoring inspired him to know more about design. Exploring various areas of design and craft and finally deciding to go to an art school to study graphic design and illustration. Alumni from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

Artwork Preview : Bubblewala
Arjun presents a series of works depicting a variety of Street Vendors in a modern minimalist graphic design style. 





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