This past weekend showed the world how to throw a protest. Almost 5 million people marched through 600 cities across all 7 continents telling Trump on his first day in the White House that Women’s Rights are Human Rights. This is what can happen when people fighting against discrimination unite as humans, irrespective of gender, race, and creed.

How do you keep this going? Take action. And while you’re at it, we’ve put together some Kulture Shop gear that says you’re a force to be reckoned with. The graphic image can make a powerful statement. So let’s get this party started. There’s a lot worth fighting for.



Dont Mess With Me by Jas Charanjiva


We spotted some women over the weekend at the Women’s March in DC, London and NYC wearing their Don’t Mess With Me tees. The Pink Lady is becoming a universal symbol for fighting for your rights. Originally created during the country-wide protests provoked by the 2012 gang rape in Delhi, the Pink Lady is the accumulative voice of everyone who said “We’ve had enough!”

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Faulaadi by Jasjyot Singh Hans 


Hey, what’re you looking at? Faulaadi by Jasjyot Singh Hans perfectly portrays the ass-kicker many of us aspire to be. Those who tell her she’s provoked unwanted attention by the length of her dress or the colour of her lipstick, better beware. This lady takes no crap.

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Modern Insight by Janine Shroff


The struggle between old traditions and the new standards ain’t easy. But don’t let that keep you in your shell. Janine Shroff’s Modern Insight looks at the contemporary Indian woman caught between the perceived idea of a sari-clad, fair-skinned, traditional exterior and the internal truth of being a western influenced working individual.

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Moral Police by Janine Shroff


Fight the power! Moral Police by Janine Shroff is a reminder that there’s a force of backward-thinking moralists out there, teaching lessons left and right. From arresting girls in short shorts to threatening to force couples to marry if seen together on Valentine’s Day. It’s time to resist those who abuse their power and our freedom.

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Chic Maa Kaali by Tashita Mukherji 


Here’s a woman Trump is sure to call Nasty. It’s Kali, worshipped by many, she’s the destroyer of evil forces and (wait for it), she grants liberation (gasp!). Tashita Mukerji’s Chic Maa Kali is

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Propagandist by Broti Bhattacharya 


Disrupt! There are times that call for you to persuade society to think and act differently. Throughout history, propaganda posters have been able to do that for better or worse. Be clever, be effective, and always use your creative power for good. Broti Bhattacharya’s Propagandist provides the right idea.

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Evil Eye by Mira Malhotra 


We’re up against a lot of bad guys these days, but that’s not going to stop us. We’re stronger when we’re in numbers. Mira Malhotra’s Evil Eye pattern serves as a battleground for Good versus Evil using symbols we know from Indian superstitions and B-grade Bollywood horror films.

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Daymare by Jasjyot Singh Hans 


Tired of defined gender roles? While we fight for women’s rights, we’re really fighting for equality. Whether you’re a boy, girl, or both, we support gender neutrality as the new norm. Jasjyot Singh Hans’ Daymare challenges you to accept it. 

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Rebel Rebel by Pragun Agarwal 


Resistance can’t take place without rebels who challenge the system. Here’s Pragun Agarwal’s Rebel Rebel from our LABS label that will show ‘em who’s ready to roll up their sleeves and create some Change.

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