Cities and designers have a long history of shaping & influencing each other. Be the sprawling modern metropolises or places steeped in ancient history – every city has its own unique voice and unmistakable identity that affect the work of the artists living there or visiting it. In this collection we take a look at artwork that have inspired our artists to reinterpret their favorite destinations in India.


Our artists have been to the four corners of the country and bring back to you a snapshot of their holiday mood with these artwork.

Goa, BLR, Andamans, Kashmir, Hills

Artwork (L-R): Bangalore Bloom by Tanvi Chunekar, Goa by Shiva Nallaperumal, Hill Cities by Kruttika Susarla, Heaven On Earth by Meera Sethi, Andamans by Sheehij Kaul


Artwork: Mumtaz by Aziza Iqbal | Inspired by the intricate art of the Taj Mahal, Aziza pays tribute to the Begum of Agra with this exquisite pattern.


Artwork (L-R) : Dharamshala by Nikunj Patel, Utopia by Reshidev RK, Sun City Subterra by Ameya SK



One of Kulture Shop’s most prolific Artists Ranganath Krishnamani has become famous for his Artist Series that truly celebrate the spirit of a destination. Creating the collectible Discover India, the Hampi series, the Sadhus of Varanasi Series and most recently the Carts Series, inspired by the thelawalas of Bangalore – his artwork is a visual treat!



Can you identify all the hidden landmarks of Delhi in Sheehij’s artwork?


Artwork: Delhi by Sheehij Kaul

Paying homage to India’s Capital city is an intricate detailed artwork called Skyline by Broti Bhattacharya.


Artwork: Skyline by Broti Bhattacharya



From the time we set up shop in Bandra – we have collected quite a variety of artwork that articulates the dynamic love-hate relationship one has with this City of Dreams. From exploring the congestion with Beast Within, paying homage to old Bollywood posters with Bombay, rendering a minimalist list of all things Mumbai to celebrating the stalwart citizens with Bombaywale, we have got a very interesting cross-section of what this city means to our Artist. Other favourites include, The 3rd Dimension that abstracts being a couple in love on Marine Drive, Tiffin Towers that creates an apt metaphor using the dabba & highrises and Phono Sapiens that creates a pattern inspired by Mumbai locals.

Bombay Themed Artworks

Artwork (L-R): Beast Within by Kunal Anand, Bombaywale by Shruthi Venkataraman, Tiffin Towers by Kunal Anand, Bombay by Kunel Gaur, Mumbai by Anant Ahuja, The 3rd Dimension by Sajid Wajid Shaikh, Phono Sapiens by Broti Bhattacharya

New additions include Sahil’s detailed artwork The Nightbird and the iconic लव Mumbai by Rocky.


Artwork: Nightbird by Sahil Shah | “I love Bombay & I hate Bombay. Fitting for a city that does everything in extremes. But wherever I go, however long I stay away, I’ll always be 100% Bombay. “


Artwork: Love Mumbai by Rocky | Love Mumbai & Mumbai will always love you back. लव MUMBAI, is an installation by Rocky, as a monument of love dedicated by the citizens of Mumbai to the city as a mark of their undying love for each other.


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