Every week Kulture Shop adds a wide variety of new artworks from our curated artists. Each artist has a unique visual voice and stylistic quirks. Get to know them through their artist shops and their new works.
Here’s a preview of some of the new additions to our art prints catalog.




New Artworks by Sanchit Sawaria (4 new works added)

Sanchit is a partner at Struckby, New Delhi where he practices design. A graduate from NID, Ahmedabad he indulges in meaningless visuals and sounds while creating multi-genre art. He takes time off by producing electronic music and playing the ride cymbal.

A pattern by Sanchit Sawaria is inspired by the dagger from the ornamental blackletter typeface ‘Darkstone’.



New Artwork by Vishnu M Nair

Vishnu M Nair is an illustrator graphic designer who creates contemplative, surreal and humorous narratives through his artworks spanning roughly a million styles and mediums.

A take on how typography in all its illegible glory is shoved into our faces wherever we go and in essence a visual pun on the word ‘Typeface’.


Rang Rangeeli


New Artwork by Shreyansh Agarwal (3 new works added)

Born with a sweet tooth, Shreyansh has studied design in Bangalore and London. He strives to create typographic work that is Indian yet contemporary. The work draws from a varied mix of inspirations like architectural forms, visual patterns, textiles techniques and Indian culture.

Rang Rangeeli
The artwork draws reference from a Kabir song that talks about the journey of life. The literal meaning translates to the bullock cart being colorful, but Kabir is referring to the hues of the human journey.




New Artwork by Kruttika Susarla (2 new works added)

Kruttika is an illustrator, comic maker and a graphic designer currently living and working in New Delhi. She graduated from DJ Academy of Design in 2013. She likes to draw letters and/or people outdoors in her personal time.

Cat Nap
Nap with your cat or nap like a cat?



New Artworks in Theme: Patterns 

All Kulture Shop themes are ever evolving and our Artists are always welcome to add new, fresh interpretations. In addition to the ones above we have some new works for our previous theme – Patterns. With something for everyone, we have Jasjyot’s erotically charged Lipsa, Kunel’s All Eyes On You for fashionistas, Kavya’s perfect dining room accessory in Feast Something and Aditi’s calming yet insightful The Mind Is A Desert.



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